About Us

FC Online Marketing has partnered with Yext to provide you a service that AUTOMATICALLY
creates, manages, and maintains listings for your school in the top 40+ online review sites.

Enjoy new students, search engine domination, and giving your competitors nightmares - WITHOUT lifting a finger.

FCOM will do all of the work for you. Fair enough?

Instantly Get Listed in Over 40 Directory & Review Sites

Before Yext, if you wanted to list your school on 40+ directories, you'd have to create an account with each and every one. Then you'd have to log in to each one every day to manage your listings.

Can you imagine handling over 40?! It'd drive any reasonable school owner insane.

But because of Yext's unique relationship with these sites, we can instantly create and manage your review and directory listings for you - with only one user name and password.

So with the click of a button your school will be featured on:

Show Up Multiple Times on Google

Directory sites like Yelp, Merchant's Circle, and more work on their SEO day and night.

They often dominate page 1 of searches for any kind of local business.

You'll be listed in 40+ of these sites who are all working to get your listing ranked, helping you show up more on Google, Bing, and the rest.
Enjoy search engine domination.

Unlock Filtered Reviews

But because of Yext's unique relationship with directory sites like Yelp - some filtered reviews can get unlocked, giving you a sudden new surge of old reviews.*

*Please note: We are not guaranteeing that all of your filtered reviews will get unblocked. In testing Yext's service, we observed this happening for schools, but cannot 100% guarantee this benefit.

Gain Unique Listing Bonuses, Available Only With the Power of Yext

No one else gains access to these "locked " features of directory sites:

of Events
Clickable offers that link
right to your checkout page

You'll instantly gain an edge over your competition!

The Best Part? We do it all for you.
The writing, uploading, and everything else

Included with you small monthly payment are the following student-getting services:

We fill your listings with powerful writing

We upload, add, and manage your school photos

And we optimize your entire listing for max SEO power

You also get email notifications every time a new review is left on any of the 40+
sites. In the past, you'd have to log in to each and every one to check.

Now it's hands-off, easy, and insanely effective.

Remove Every Frustration You've
Ever Had With Review Sites

Don't ever again deal with:
- Managing multiple user names and passwords
- Having every review get filtered and blocked
- Dealing with complicated spreadsheets to track which sites need updating,
  fixing, maintenance, etc.
- Coming up with content for your listings that may or may not effectively
  sell your programs

- With Yext, we'll manage ALL of your listings with just 1 user name and password.
  And you'll be able to look over everything with just 1 username and password too.
- Far fewer reviews get filtered because of Yext's unique relationship with directory sites.
- We create all of the content, using our proven, powerful, and persuasive sales writing.

Get More Students

The bottom line is, people read online reviews these days. In fact, as many as 85% of consumers check online reviews before trying out a local business.

The service lets you automatically be listed in the 40+ top review sites. Not just that, you get listed with the bonuses such as clickable offers staff bios, and more.

At the end of the day, this will help you get more students. And because it's hands off, and we do all the work, you get maximum new students for minimal work.

Gain access to our Secret Facebook Group
full of revolutionary tactics.

See that picture? John Wai is one of our clients. Using just ONE of our secrets, he got 103 online reviews in just 7 days.

And yes, they're 100% legitimate reviews from his actual students. And as you can see, his competition is nowhere NEAR his level of domination.

Every month, we update our MA Power Listing Secret Facebook Group with tons of tips, tricks, and tactics for completely dominating your competition online. The moment you sign up, you gain instant access. Our members tell us that this perk alone is worth the cost of admission.

Get everything above for one small monthly payment of $99

By now, you know that we only bring you the best, latest, and most powerful tools on the market. And we do it with our own FCOM twist that makes students come in droves.

Let us help you dominate the search engines and review sites. We'll fill them with persuasive writing, optimize them for max SEO so they show up more, and turn them into your own personal, automatic sales force.

So...what are you waiting for?